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Curren D. Price Jr., 9th District Los Angeles City Council Member,  Art Active and artist Robin Strayhorn  collaborated on the Central Avenue Jazz Park Ceramic Tile Mural Expansion Project. This project pays tribute to  the many jazz musicians who contributed to Los Angeles' rich musical culture that thrived in the 1930s - 1950s along Central Avenue.  To complete the tile mural, Robin conducted a series of workshops teaching students how to create custom hand painted tiles.  Students participated in the fabrication process by glazing tiles. 

Central Avenue Jazz Park Mural (Before Expansion)

"Bridges - Puentes" Central Avenue Jazz Park Mural (Expanded)

This is an image of the existing mural at the Central Ave Jazz Park. Robin's team will be expanding the mural by 80-100% in time for the 20th annual Central Avenue Jazz Festival in late July 2015.


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